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B&F Original Building Bruning & Federle Mfg. Company's story begins in the heart of North Carolina. The company was founded in l963 by long-time friends and business associates Mr. Dave Bruning and Mr. Bob Federle. In the early years, our company heavily supported the blossoming furniture industry, building a reputation for quality that encompassed outstanding service, exceptional components and dependable, long-lasting systems.
CBC Original Building Carolina Blower Company was incorporated by the state of North Caolina in 1946. In 1994, Bruning & Federle acquired that age old competitor. With that aquisition, Bruning & Federle Mfg. Company also gained a combined manufacturing-design-installation experience of over 100 years.
B&F Current Building Due to the ever changing demands of a global economy, diversification became a necessity and projects have expanded include: foam recovery/recycling, environmental air purification, arresting of paper waste, automotive/metal finishing, grain conveyances, mining dust containment/extraction, metal tooling mist elimination, textiles dust extraction, pneumatic transfer and powdered pigment subjugation. We have equipment and systems located throughout North America, South America, Central America, England and Australia.

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